Twenty-Five Things You Can Do for Creation Care


From Our Creation Care Service: April 23, 2017

  1. Eat less meat.
  2. Fix and reuse your stuff.
  3. Drive less and walk or ride a bike.
  4. Drive less and carpool or take the bus.
  5. Recycle paper, plastic, and metal.
  6. Buy carefully-farmed food such as coffee and produce.
  7. Give money to causes that care for the earth.
  8. Care for animals and other marginalized creatures.
  9. Use less electricity by changing or turning off light bulbs and appliances.
  10. Clean-up a nearby stream or river.
  11. Take shorter showers.
  12. Buy local to reduce transportation emissions.
  13. Grow your own fruit, vegetables, and flowers.
  14. Weatherstrip or weatherize your home.
  15. Dry clothing on a clothesline.
  16. Buy or produce “green” electricity from renewable sources.
  17. Buy in bulk to reduce packaging and related costs.
  18. Compost almost anything that’s organic or carbon-based.
  19. Advocate for policies that acknowledge the cost of carbon.
  20. Learn about the earth.
  21. Buy used clothing and other stuff from thrift stores.
  22. Plant trees.
  23. Travel less.
  24. Buy and use durable products instead of disposable products.
  25. Use your furnace and air conditioner less.