Mission, Vision, and Values


Connecting our downtown community to our life-changing God.


creative worship

  • We value biblically-based worship that seeks to glorify God, focus on Jesus, and depend on the Holy Spirit.
  • We value community-based worship that incorporates multiple intelligences, is participatory, and effectively uses the arts to communicate the truths in the Bible.
  • We seek to make worship relevant and inclusive to all people, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey.


  • We value reaching people who are far from God and connecting them to our life-changing God.
  • We value our connections with the people in our surrounding community because we see ourselves as transforming agents of God’s work in their hearts and lives.
  • We value a friendly environment that welcomes each person to our worship gatherings, church life, and our everyday lives.
  • We value children as essential members of our community.


  • We value prayer that guides our leadership.
  • We value prayer as important part of the daily lives of people at MCC.
  • We value praying for one another, both in planned and spontaneous moments.


  • We value empowering people of all ages for service based on their spiritual gifts.
  • We value continued learning about the Bible.
  • We value developing people who will be the next generation of church leaders.


  • We value risk-taking when it is a bold response to a movement of the Holy Spirit.
  • We value willingness to try new things and to change ineffective things.

vision: where is God taking us?

  • MCC is growing through people coming to Christ as a result of our focus on prayer and a culture of invitation.
  • MCC is building healthy relationships that form a solid, Christian community.
  • MCC is focused on developing disciples.
  • MCC is developing spiritual components to our connections in the community.
  • MCC is creating the capacity to accomplish this vision.

where is God taking you?

Join us Sundays @ 10:30 am for Worship in the Warehouse