This Sunday at MCC

February 26, 2017

Stories Jesus Told: The Story of the Talents

Rev. Jim Boer

Matthew 25:14-30

This week we wrap up our series on The Stories Jesus Told. In these stories Jesus has taken us to a lot of places, brought us face to face with many different characters, and conveyed many different Kingdom messages.


Love your Lazarus.

Beware of your pride (God welcomes us even when all we bring is our need for his mercy).

Be prepared for the long haul.

Learn to live with weeds (evil) for now.

The Master loves and rewards mercy.

This week Jesus tells a story of a generous master and his three servants. This story contains some good news, some bad news, but mostly it is a mind-boggling invitation to share God’s life, work, and joy! Could you use a little more joy in your life? Join us this Sunday at MCC to find out more about The Story of the Talents.