Jacob Sermon Series

The Great Pretender: Broken and Restored

Jacob was the son of Isaac whose name means, “son of laughter”. Although some of Jacob’s behavior and experiences might be regarded as laughable there is much about his life that is deceitful, manipulative and cruel. Like many of us he has two faces. One is his real face – the other is his pretend face. It’s his pretend face, his pretend self that compels him to make choices that are mostly designed to get him something. So he became a hustler, a player, and ultimately a fugitive. The irony of Jacob’s mostly tragic life is that the very thing he desired most he mostly had already – minus his awareness of it. It’s a readily identifiable story for many of us as though we might be reading the story of someone we know who is a lot like Jacob. Sometimes that person turns out to be us. How does God deal with a character like this and why would he be considered a kind of “patron saint” of the Hebrew and Christian faith?

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