This Sunday at MCC


The Light in our Darkness

“I have my doubts.” Ever hear someone say that? Have you ever said that? It is pretty difficult to avoid all doubt in life. At some point, facing some situation, we all have our doubts, right? The same is true with faith–it’s hard to avoid doubt when it comes to the Bible, God, spiritual things.

This week in worship we will meet a man, Zechariah, who not only doubted, but pretty much doubted right to God’s face (technically it was to the Angel Gabriel). Zechariah and his wife, Elizabeth, had faced significant hardship in their faith-life. When told by Gabriel that something extraordinary was going to happen, Zechariah’s response was, basically, “I have my doubts.” He has a great story, a human story, and, when it’s all said and done, the song he sings (literally) is really quite something. Join us Sunday for another morning of warm hospitality, spirited worship, honest prayer, and grace-filled table fellowship! Everyone is always welcome at MCC.