This Sunday at MCC


It’s easy to get the wrong idea about what it takes to follow Jesus. It’s easy to think that in order to be a follower you need to be something way more than you are; way more moral, way more courageous, way more outgoing, way more generous, way more spiritual (whatever that means).

What if you could just be you?
What if you didn’t have to be better for God to love you?
What if you didn’t have to be more “to make a difference”?
What if all you had to be was grateful?

This August at MCC we are talking about being Everyday Believers, we are trying to unlearn our exaggerated versions of what it means to follow Jesus and replace them with the version we find in the Bible. We are paying particular attention to Peter (who we think exemplifies what it means to be an everyday believer) and his story in the book of Acts.

This week (and next) we will look at the story we find in Acts 10, the story of Peter and a man named Cornelius. The story of Peter and Cornelius helps us answer a key question: how should believers relate to the culture around us? What does it mean to be a community of believers in a pluralistic world? Join us this Sunday at 10:30 AM in the MCC warehouse as we gather for a time worship. Expect a warm welcome, a casual and celebrative atmosphere, and a group of people eager to encounter God together.