This Sunday at MCC

January 22, 2017

Rev. Jim Boer

The Stories Jesus Told: The Rich Man and Lazarus

This Sunday we continue our series: The Stories Jesus Told. In last week’s lesson , in the story of “The Sower, Seed, & Soils,” Jesus urged us to listen. God, the extravagant sower, scatters his seed (Word) everywhere. What wonderful news!  In what ways did you hear God speaking this week? Did you find time to give utmost hospitality to the seed (the Word)? Keep at it!

This week we will hear the story of “The Rich Man and Lazarus” from Luke 16:19-31. From a famer’s field to the bosom of Abraham and the fires of Hell, Jesus’ provocative parable easily grabs our attention. Watch out, however, for what is he saying to us? The story might surprise you. Come expecting Jesus to meet you Sunday morning.