This Sunday at MCC

March 26, 2017

Give It Up – Stuff

Luke 12:13-21

The focus of our worship this week is on our relationship with stuff–our wealth, material possessions, the things that fill our lives. One thing is for sure: God loves stuff. God created a vast, complex, and beautiful material world. He created us as physical beings. He even “took on our flesh” in Jesus to save us. The stuff of our lives, in and of itself, is not the problem. It’s our relationship with stuff, our love of it, that concerns Jesus.

“Watch Out!” says Jesus in our passage, “Be on your guard against all kinds of greed.” Why does Jesus say this? Because he wants us to be free, healthy, and to be truly rich. Rich? Yes, rich toward God. On Sunday morning we will attempt to put our consumer impulses in check by listening to Jesus’ words from Luke 12:13-21. Perhaps less is more when it comes to Jesus. Join us this Sunday and learn more about what it means to be truly rich.