This Sunday at MCC

February 19, 2017

Stories Jesus Told: The Shrewd Manager

Rev. Jim Boer

This week we will take a close look at what is probably the most confusing of all of Jesus’ stories, the Parable of the Unjust Steward, no I mean the Parable of the Shrewd Manager, wait a minute I mean the Parable of Dishonest Manager… Yeah, we can’t even decide what to call this parable.

Take a few moments and read Luke 16:1-9 before Sunday.

On the surface it looks like the manager takes advantage of the master twice. In the first case he is called out, called to account. He is “put on notice.” In the second case, after cooking the books for the Master’s debtors, he gets a commendation! Would this ever happen at your work place? Maybe that is exactly the point. Come Sunday to hear another surprising story from the life of Jesus.